Exploring the Galaxy of Categories at the Employer Brand Stars Awards

The Employer Brand Stars Awards distinguish themselves through a comprehensive array of categories designed to recognize the multifaceted achievements within the realm of employer branding. From strategic initiatives to individual leadership, these categories cover the breadth of efforts made by organizations to enhance their employer brand. Let’s delve into each category and discover what makes them crucial for organizations aiming for excellence in employer branding.

Employer Brand Strategy

This category celebrates comprehensive Employer Brand strategies that have yielded exceptional results. It’s designed for organizations that have developed and executed a strategic approach to enhance their attractiveness as an employer, showcasing the success of their overarching employer brand initiatives.


Recognizing the individuals behind the scenes, this category honours leadership skills and qualities of those who play a pivotal role in developing and managing employer brand strategy. It’s a salute to the visionaries who steer their brands towards greatness.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing awards initiatives focused on wellness, fitness, and mental health support. In an era where employee health is paramount, this category highlights organizations that prioritize the holistic well-being of their teams.

Employee Recognition

This category is dedicated to recognizing initiatives that reward and motivate employees, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. It’s about celebrating the programs that keep morale high and employees motivated.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

A critical area of focus, this category honours initiatives or programs that promote diversity, equality, and inclusion within an organization. It’s a testament to the efforts made to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Internal Communication

Focusing on how employer brand strategies, corporate values, or programs are communicated to an internal audience, this category recognizes the importance of clear and effective communication within an organization.

External Communication

This category awards campaigns that successfully integrate the employer brand with an external audience. It encompasses sourcing and recruitment efforts, graduate programs, and the innovative use of social media and web platforms to convey the employer’s value proposition.


Recognizing organizations that offer structured and valuable internship opportunities, this category celebrates programs that provide meaningful, hands-on experience to future professionals.


Exemplary and effective onboarding and induction processes are at the heart of this category. It highlights organizations that have built programs to seamlessly integrate new hires into their culture and operations.

Graduate Recruitment Programme

This category is dedicated to the creativity, development, and execution of graduate recruitment programs that help organizations achieve their strategic goals, showcasing innovative approaches to attracting emerging talent.

Candidate Experience

Focusing on improving the candidate journey from application to pre-boarding, this category recognizes programs that create a positive, engaging experience for potential employees, enhancing the company’s reputation as an employer of choice.

Use of Digital

In today’s digital age, this category rewards companies that thoughtfully integrate digital tools and platforms throughout their employer brand strategies. From intranets and apps to career websites and e-learning, it’s about leveraging technology to enhance the employer brand experience.

The Employer Brand Stars Awards categories reflect the complexity and diversity of employer branding efforts across industries. By recognizing excellence in these specific areas, the awards not only celebrate current achievements but also set the benchmark for innovation and best practices in employer branding. Whether through strategic leadership, digital innovation, or inclusive programs, each category offers organizations a unique opportunity to showcase their successes and inspire others in the realm of employer brand management.

We encourage organizations to explore these categories further and consider how their initiatives could be recognized among the stars of employer brand management.

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