Navigating the Entry Process: Your Guide to the Awards Submission

Entering an awards program can be a milestone event for any organization, shining a spotlight on your achievements and hard work. Understanding the entry requirements is crucial to ensure your submission stands out and meets all necessary criteria. Here’s everything you need to know about who can enter, how to enter, submission deadlines, and the specific criteria or materials needed for entry into our prestigious Employer Brand Stars awards program.

Who Can Enter?

Our awards are designed to recognize excellence across a broad spectrum of industries and are open to organizations of all sizes and types, including:

  • Non-profits: Organizations making significant social impact through their initiatives.
  • Large Corporations: Established companies with a track record of excellence in their industry.

We welcome entries from around the globe, celebrating diversity and achievement in various markets. We only award 12 categories and 3 achievements (gold, silver, bronze) in each category.

How to Enter

Entering the awards is a straightforward process designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible:

  • Visit the Registration Page: All entry information can be found on our registration page. This includes entry forms, category details, and guidelines.
  • Select Your Categories and Register: Choose the categories that best fit your achievements. You can enter multiple categories if they are relevant to your organization’s accomplishments.
  • Prepare Your Submission: Gather all necessary materials and information according to the category requirements. This might include project descriptions, outcomes, supporting documents, and multimedia files.
  • Submit Your Entry: Complete the entry form on our website, upload your materials, and submit your entry before the deadline.

Submission Deadlines

  • Early Bird Submission: Benefit from a reduced entry fee by submitting your entry. Please check the deadlines on the registration page.
  • Final Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted by the deadline to be considered for the awards. Please check the deadlines on the registration page.

Please note, that deadlines are strictly enforced to ensure a fair and competitive process for all participants.

Specific Criteria and Materials Needed

Each category may have its specific criteria and required materials, but generally, submissions should include:

  • Project Overview: A clear and concise description of the project, initiative, or strategy you are submitting.
  • Objectives and Outcomes: Outline the goals of your project and the results achieved.
  • Evidence of Success: Provide data, testimonials, or other forms of evidence to support the impact of your work.
  • Visuals and Supporting Documents: High-quality images, videos, and other relevant documents that showcase your project’s excellence.

Eligibility and Scope

Our awards program is both international and inclusive, aiming to highlight the best across various sectors and regions.

Entering the Employer Brand Stars Awards is an opportunity to showcase your organization’s dedication, innovation, and success. By carefully following the entry requirements and preparing your submission with attention to detail, you stand a great chance of being recognized among the best in your industry. We look forward to celebrating your achievements and sharing your stories of excellence and innovation.

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